VIP Rolling Papers

VIP Rolling Papers

vip papers

VIP is a brand of rolling papers made in 2018 by an English company that wanted to offer the cleanest smoking products possible.

VIP paper is made of an eco-friendly fiber. The VIP materials are usually made up of hemp or other vegetable fibers such as alpaca or flax. This makes them more eco-friendly. VIP’s main competitors are Gevalia and Green Mountain.

VIP rolling machines are available for those that struggle to do things by hand, they come in two different styles. The first is called the hand-rolled machine and the second is called the roll machine. Both of these machines work pretty much the same, except that the roll machine doesn’t require as much work. Both types of machines use rollers in order to produce the cigarette.

VIP rolling papers can be found at most drug stores, grocery stores, discount chains, and online. There are several different brands of these papers that each have different designs. You can purchase them in bulk, which is beneficial for some users. For example, if you plan on smoking marijuana often, then buying a stack of them will get you a discount.

The biggest difference between the self crafted VIP and traditional cigarettes is that VIP is just a rolling paper so the user has to craft the joint themselves. There are no filters used when adding marijuana as it can block out the THC.

You can pick up your own rolling papers on Amazon.

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