Gorilla Glue Shatter ( (THC: 84%)



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Buy Gorilla Glue Shatter online , because Gorilla Glue shatter is quickly becoming recognised as the King of the cannabis jungle, as this award-winning sativa hybrid scoops Cannabis Cups and the High Time Jamaican World Cup in its sticky grasp. The flavour packed dabs Gorilla Glue shatter has to offer test in at 84% THC content and will send you soaring into green and distant galaxies of heavy relaxation.

We highly recommend using pieces specifically designed for concentrates such as a titanium nail, skillets, or even glass wands. Although it can also be applied to rolling papers, blunt wraps, and on top of flowers these methods are not as efficient but still effective.

The best way to store your concentrates is in a cool dark place. Light and heat degrade THC, and over time will speed up the degradation from THC into CBN. This results in a less effective medicine. For long term storage, the freezer is a great place.

Warning!: Due to its pure nature some members who are unaccustomed to concentrates have experienced extended bouts of coughing, nausea, and even fainting after multiple, or large doses. Please exercise caution if using for the first time…

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